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Patriarchs of Alexandria
  1. Achillas of Alexandria(2704) No year
  2. Alexander of Alexandria(166) year: 313 AD
  3. Athanasius(491) year: 325 AD
  4. Atticus of Constantinople(649) year: 406 AD
  5. Cyril(502) year: 412 AD
  6. Demetrius of Alexandria(3470) year: 231 AD
  7. Dionysius of Alexandria(2739) year: 260 AD
  8. Dionysius of Alexandria(183) year: 247 AD
  9. Dioscorus of Alexandria(771) year: 444 AD
  10. George of Alexandria(3639) No year
  11. Isidore of Alexandria(2673) year: 398 AD
  12. Peter Monogus of Alexandria(1113) year: 477 AD
  13. Petrus Fullo(1112) No year
  14. Petrus of Alexandria(196) No year
  15. Proterius(6038) year: 454 AD
  16. Theophilus of Alexandria(2888) year: 385 AD
  17. Timotheus Aelurus(1254) year: 457 AD