Seldom Asked Queries

Which Christian killed his wife, his son, two brothers-in-law and a cousin?
Who became emperor by buying the title at an auction?
Which consuls were so honest that their funeral could not be paid from their inheritance?
Which emperor was struck by a bolt of lightning?
Which emperors started their careers as a teachers of grammar?
Who murdered the emperor and immediately married the widow, not allowing her to grieve for her husband?
Who had, according to Cicero, laughed only once in his life?
Which Frank tried to become emperor?
Who suffered from breast cancer and chose to starve herself?
Which emperor married the sister of his step-mother?
Which woman got the equestrian rank for her courage?
Which Vestal Virgins were condemned to be buried alive? (the punishment for unchastity)
Who was the first emperor that was succeeded by his son?
Who is the most remarkable saint?
Who died in the first night of his wedding after a life full of wars?
Who castrated himself for religious reasons?
Who had yellow hair?
Which woman prevented destruction of a bridge over the Rhine?
Who accused his father of treason?
Whose or what books were burnt?
Who married, divorced, married again but still became a saint?
Who lived more than 100 years?
What happened to the gold coffin of Alexander the Great?
Who left in his will Egypt to Rome?
Who married his stepmother?
Who measured the circumference of the earth?
Who banished the philosophers from Rome
Which consul had to fight in the amphitheatre?
Who introduced new letters in the Roman alphabet?
Who dismissed the cooks of the palace when becoming Patriarch?
Who wanted to make his horse a senator?
Who was praetor for one day?
Who were condemned for having consulted astrologers?
Who remitted the tax on the sale of slaves?
Who became emperor a few years after his wife became empress?
Who was murdered because she said she was Agrippina?
Whose will was forged?
Who raised a statue for Nerva?
Who committed suicide because he had not found the gold he had dreamed of?
Which months were renamed in Nero's time?
Who got served (as the only one present) on earthenware instead of gold?
Which city tried to persuade in 69 the Roman army to destroy Vienna (in France)?
Which emperor fell in love with a lady 19 years older than he was?
Who were consul for one day?
Who were famous for their swimming ability?
Who lived in a lofty tower?
Which emperor cured a blind man with his saliva?
How can one deal with bitumen?
Who was the first Emperor who rejected the title of Pontifex Maximus?
Who describes Britain?
Who thinks Scandinavia is an island?
Who says wolves lose their sight by great cold?
Who describes the origin of the Huns?
Who was admired for his knowledge of letters?
Who was torn to pieces by horses?
Who was killed by lightning?
Which king was crucified?
Which woman was torn to pieces by horses?
Which Vestal Virgin is present on a coin?
At whose death the Romans matrons mourned for a year?
Whose soldiers hated their commander more than they hated the enemy?
Who was the first Roman to pay a bail to get released?
Who was the first recorded case of a Roman that committed suicide to escape punishment?
Which "Magister Equitum", commander of the cavalry, did not have a horse of his own?
When is visiting a grammar school mentioned for the first time?
When was the worship of non-Roman deities forbidden?
The inquiry of one murder was at first vetoed by the tribunes. Who was murdered?
Who was ordered to abstain from frivolity?
Which was the first war that went on during the winter?
Which plebeian had a brother was was a patrician?
When were the Sibylline books consulted?
Which city was conquered via a mine?
Who was according to Livy the greatest of all Roman commanders?
Who fought two wars during one dictatorship?
Which city was conquered twice on one day?
Who was given dictatorial power without becoming dictator?
Which commander had to be assisted to mount his horse?
Who fought a giant Gaul?
Who saved his father from prosecution by threatening the prosecutor?
What did Carthago do when the Romans beat the Samnites in 342 BC?
Who wanted a triumph before he won the war?
Which dictator had a conflict with his Magister Equitum?
Which pontiff took over the command of an army?
When were the omens deliberately interpreted false (= positive)?
What happened to the interpreter?
Why did the Romans win in spite of the omens (according to Livy)?
Who threw his helmsman overboard to gain speed in a rowing contest?
Where was the Trojan war depicted?
Where was the Theseus-story depicted?
Who was changed of sex?
Who was changed into a woodpecker, because he did not love Circe?
Who had a stag as a pet?
Where was the battle of Actium depicted?
What happened when Turnus attacked the ships of Aeneas?
Who was born from a dead mother?
Whose horse had a name?
Who asked, when dying, that his dead body should not be given to his own people?
Who threw his child, bound to a javelin, over a river?
Who were born to cheat?
What did Amata think of Aeneas as a son-in-law?
Whose beard was set alight?
Who spoke about "Rights of War"?
Which group of soldiers had to commit suicide when a commader was killed?
Who called the people living in Holland "wild and barbarous"?
Who consider it unlawful to eat hare, cock or goose?
Where do 10 to 12 men share their wifes?
Who wrote in Greek letters lest the enemy might read it?
Who mentions Paris?
Who compares Gauls and Germans?
Who believed in reincarnation?
Which Gods do the Gauls worship most?
How do Germans catch elks?
Who was the first Roman to use German mercenaries?
Who fell in love with a woman he had just killed?
Who said that lame men make lusty husbands?
On whose wedding the muses sang?
Who said: "By force, ...with violence tearing him"?
Who had three children with the same name?
Who breast-fed her child after her death ?
Who used ciphers to code a message?
Which foreign people mourned very much over the death of Julius Caesar?
Who raised a statue for his horse?
Who describes the destruction of antiquities in Roman times?
Who was born in a haunted house?
Who forbid women to see wrestling?
Whose doctor got a statue for curing his patient?
Whose raised a statue for an ass?
Who fell in love with an enemy of her country and betrayed it ?
Who changed gender?
Whose life was saved by dolphins?
Who were raised from the dead?
Which children were exposed to die?
Who were born in an unusual way?
Who were conceived in an unusual way?
Which kings sacrificed a daughter?
Who falsified the oracle of Delphi?
Who slept forever?
Who was the first to celebrate orgies in honour of Dionysus?
Which queens fell in love with a younger man, and when rejected, accused him of the opposite?
How was Battus cured of his stammering?
Who forbid to give New Years presents after New-Year's Day?
Who owned a painting of Atalanta sucking off Meleager?
Who called Priam happy, because he had outlived his kindred?
Who suggested Tiberius to commit suicide?
Who planned a canal through the Isthmus of Corinth?
Which father was proud of his daughter's savage temper?
Who inferred in a law that men of 60 years were incapable of begetting children?
Who expelled the Jews from Rome because of disturbances instigated by one Chrestus?
Who forbid the Druidic rites for the citizens of Rome?
Who wrote a book on gambling?
To whom did Tacitus compare Germanicus?
Who expelled Egyptian and Jewish worship from Rome?
Who expelled astrologers and magicians from Rome?
Whose tears were made a crime?
Who killed a giant snake?
Where is Harry Potter's phoenix described?