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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Caligula, Chapter 32: Caligula as a monster (Cont.)
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His acts and words were equally cruel, even when he [Note 1] was indulging in relaxation and given up to amusement and feasting. While he was lunching or revelling capital examinations by torture were often made in his presence, and a soldier who was an adept at decapitation cut off the heads of those who were brought from prison. At Puteoli, at the dedication of the bridge that he contrived, as has been said, after inviting a number to come to him from the shore, on a sudden he had them all thrown overboard; and when some caught hold of the rudders of the ships, he pushed them off into the sea with boathooks and oars. At a public banquet in Rome he immediately handed a slave over to the executioners for stealing a strip of silver from the couches, with orders that his hands be cut off and hung from his neck upon his breast, and that he then be led about among the guests, preceded by a placard giving the reason for his punishment. When a murmillo from the gladiatorial school fought with him with wooden swords and fell on purpose, he stabbed him with a real dagger and then ran about with a palm-branch, as victors do. Once when he stood by the altar dressed as a popa and a victim was brought up, he raised his mallet on high and slew the cultrarius. At one of his more sumptuous banquets he suddenly burst into a fit of laughter, and when the consuls, who were reclining next him, politely inquired at what he was laughing, he replied: What do you suppose, except that at a single nod of mine both of you could have your throats cut on the spot?

Note 1: he = Caligula

Event: Caligula as a monster

Animum quoque remittenti ludoque et epulis dedito eadem factorum dictorumque saeuitia aderat. Saepe in conspectu prandentis uel comisantis seriae quaestiones per tormenta habebantur, miles decollandi artifex quibuscumque e custodia capita amputabat. Puteolis dedicatione pontis, quem excogitatum ab eo significauimus, cum multos e litore inuitasset ad se, repente omnis praecipitauit, quosdam gubernacula apprehendentes contis remisque detrusit in mare. Romae publico epulo seruum ob detractam lectis argenteam laminam carnifici confestim tradidit, ut manibus abscisis atque ante pectus e collo pendentibus, praecedente titulo qui causam poenae indicaret, per coetus epulantium circumduceretur. murmillonem e ludo rudibus secum battuentem et sponte prostratum confodit ferrea sica ac more uictorum cum palma discucurrit. Admota altaribus uictima succinctus poparum habitu elato alte malleo cultrarium mactauit. Lautiore conuiuio effusus subito in cachinnos consulibus, qui iuxta cubabant, quidnam rideret blande quaerentibus: "quid," inquit, "nisi uno meo nutu iugulari utrumque uestrum statim posse?"