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A short history of Armenia during Roman times.

In Roman times Aemenia was much bigger than it is now. At one moment it even reached unto the Mediterranean sea.
So many places and trbes here mentioned do not live within the boundaries of contemporary Armenia.

190 BC Artaxid dynasty
190-160 Ardavasdes I (Ardavazt I) 
Founded an independent Armenia
145-123 BC Tigranes I (Dikran I)
123-98 Ardavasdes II (Ardavazt II)
98-95 BC Tigranes II (Dikran II)
95-55 BC Tigranes I (Dikran III) the Great
He established an Armenian empire.
54-34 BC Ardavasdes I (Ardavazt III)
36 BC Invasion of Mark Antony
34-31 BC Alexander, son of Cleopatra
30-20 BC Artaxes II (Ardashes II) 
20-8 BC Tigranes II (Dikran IV)
8-5 BC Tigranes III (Dikran V)
5-2 BC Ardavasdes IV (Ardavazt IV)
2-1 BC Tigranes IV (Dikran VI) again
2-4 AD Arioparzan
4-6 BC Ardavasdes IV (Ardavazt IV) again
6-14 AD Tigranes (Dikran)
14-15 AD Erato (Yerado)
16-17 AD Vonon 
18-34 AD Zeno (Ardashes III)
34-35 AD Arshag I 
47-51 AD Mihrtad 
52-59 AD Tiridates (Drtad Arshakouni)
59-60 AD Tigranes V (Dikran V)
66-75 AD Tiridates I (Drtad I) 
75-100 AD Sanadroog 
100-113 AD Ashkhatar 
113-116 AD Barsamasir 
116-117 AD Rufianus appointed by Trajan
117-140 AD Vagharsh I 
140-162 AD Soyimos 
162-164 AD Pagur
164-185 AD Soyimos (second time) 
185-195 AD Sanadroog (second time) 
195-216 AD Vagharsh II
216-238 AD Tiridates II (Drtad II) 
238-252 AD Khosrov I
253-262 AD Ardavazt Mamigonian (governor)
261-262 AD Tigranes VI (Dikran VI)
273 AD Zenobia, queen of Palmyra reigns 
273-282 AD Khosrov II 
283-287 AD Ardavazt Mamigonian (second time)
297-330 AD Tiridates III (Drtad III) 
In 301 Armenia is converted to Christianity
331-339 AD Khosrov III
340-350 AD Diran
350-367 AD Arshag II
367-374 AD Bab
374-378 AD Varaztad
378-385 AD Manuel Mamigonian
387 AD Division of Armenia into two reigns
376-386 AD Vagharshak (Western Reg.) 
386-391 AD Khosrov III 
391-414 AD Vramshabouh 
405 AD Armenian Alphabet developed.
428 Armenia becomes a province of Parthia
435 AD The Bible translated into Armenian
423-428 AD Ardashes III 387-451 AD Vartan (Vardan) Mamigonian 
451 AD War of Avarayr
454 AD Ghevontiank Martyrized 
464 AD Return of Vahan, Vasak and Ardashes (sons of Vartan's  brother Hemayak)
480-510 AD Vahan Mamigonian 
484 Agreement of Nevarsak
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