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Events connected to Pompey the Great

Pompey fights for Sulla [83 B.C.]
Pompey in Africa [82 B.C.]
Pompey on Sicily [82 B.C.]
Sertorius in Spain; Pompeius comes to help Metellus [77 B.C.]
Pompey versus Lepidus [77 B.C.]
Third Servile war. Crassus [71 B.C.]
Pompey against the pirates [67 B.C.]
Pompey against Mithridates [66 B.C.]
Stratonice and Mithridates [66 B.C.]
Pompey in Armenia [65 B.C.]
Revolt of the Albanians [65 B.C.]
Pompey in Syria [64 B.C.]
Suicide of Mithridates. Pharnaces king. [63 B.C.]
The annexation of Phoenicia and Palestine by Pompey [63 B.C.]
The First Triumvirate [60 B.C.]
Revolt of the Gauls [54 B.C. - 53 B.C.]
Crassus defeated near Carrhae [53 B.C.]
Civil war - Battle of Dyrrhachium (48 BC) [48 B.C.]
Julius Caesar in Egypt [48 B.C. - 47 B.C.]
Civil war - Battle of Pharsalus (48 BC) [48 B.C.]
Flight and death of Pompey [48 B.C.]