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Events connected to Venus Stratonicis

Wedding of Peleus and Thetis [1196 B.C.]
The Judgement of Paris [1195 B.C.?]
Trojan war, middle part [1193 B.C.? - 1184 B.C.?]
The Gods interfere in the Aeneid [1193 B.C.? - 1176 B.C.?]
Aeneas and Diomedes [1190 B.C.#]
Dido falls in love with Aeneas [1177 B.C.?]
Love and Death of Dido [1177 B.C.?]
Shipwreck of Aeneas [1177 B.C.?]
Venus gives Aeneas the armour [1176 B.C.?]
Venus asks Vulcan weapons for Aeneas [1176 B.C.?]
The Council of the Gods regarding Aeneas [1176 B.C.?]
Venus appears to Aristogoras [74 B.C.]
Venus appears to Lucullus [74 B.C.]
Birth of Venus
Affair of Venus and Mars
Venus and Adonis
Argyra and Selemnus
Birth and youth of Adonis
Pygmalion and Galathea
Death and apotheosis of Aeneas
Affair with Butes
Diomedes against Aphrodite
Venus and Anchises
Hippolytus and Phaedra