Cneius Pompeius was then for the third time elected consul to reform public morals, but in applying remedies more terrible than the evils and repealing the legislation of which he had himself been the author, he lost by arms what by arms he had been maintaining
Ann Book III Chapter 28: On the Papia Poppaea law

Cneius Pompeius was the first of our countrymen to subdue the Jews. Availing himself of the right of conquest, he entered the temple. Thus it became commonly known that the place stood empty with no similitude of gods within, and that the shrine had nothing to reveal.
His Book V Chapter 9: The Jews. Their history according to Tacitus (cont.)

and he said of Pompeius, who failed to follow up his success, that he did not know how to use a victory;
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 36: The Civil war, comment.
By Julius Caesar

That Aemilia great with child should be, as it were, ravished from the embraces of another for him, and that Antistia should be divorced with dishonor and misery by him, for whose sake she had been but just before bereft of her father.
Plt Pompey Chapter 9: Pompey marries Aemilia

Is it not a most generous and worthy act, that the consulship should be given to Lepidus, the vilest of men, in preference to Catulus, the best and most deserving in the city, and all by your influence with the people?
Plt Pompey Chapter 15: Sulla and Pompey
By Sulla

For Perpenna, having in his custody all Sertorius's papers, offered to produce several letters from the greatest men in Rome, who, desirous of a change and subversion of the government, had invited Sertorius into Italy. And Pompey, fearing that these might be the occasion of worse wars than those which were now ended, thought it advisable to put Perpenna to death, and burnt the letters without reading them.
Plt Pompey Chapter 20: Sertrius murdered; Pompey defeats Perpenna.

When he came to Rhodes, he attended the lectures of all the philosophers there, and gave to every one of them a talent.
Plt Pompey Chapter 42: The heritage of Mithridates. Pompey returns to Rome

And well had it been for him had he terminated his life at this date, while he still enjoyed Alexander's fortune,
Plt Pompey Chapter 46: Further problems in the senate

Cato then advised them to choose Pompey general with absolute power and authority, saying that the same men who do great evils, know best how to cure them.
Plt Pompey Chapter 61: Civil war: Pompey leaves Rome
By Cato the Younger

Today the victory had been the enemy's, had there been anyone among them to gain it
Plt Pompey Chapter 65: Civil war: battle of Dyrrhachium
By Julius Caesar

Pompey, it is said, designed to have his triumphant chariot drawn with four elephants, (having brought over several which belonged to the African kings,) but the gates of the city being too narrow, he was forced to desist from that project, and be content with horses.
Plt Pompey Chapter 14: Pompey gets a triumph