As more over, he had no hope of winning the affections of the citizens, he had to maintain his dominion by fear. To make himself more dreaded, he conducted the trials in capital cases without any assessors, and under this pretence he was able to put to death, banish or fine not only those whom he suspected or disliked, but also those from whom his only object was to extort money.
Hor Book I Chapter 49: Lucius Tarquinius Superbus

He employed methods against it which were anything but Roman, namely, fraud and deceit
Hor Book I Chapter 52: Treaty with the Latins.

This people who were at that time in possession of Ardea, were, considering the nature of their country and the age in which they lived, exceptionally wealthy. This circumstance really originated the war, for the Roman king was anxious to repair his own fortune, which had been exhausted by the magnificent scale of his public works and also to conciliate his subjects by a distribution of the spoils of war.
Hor Book I Chapter 57: The Rape of Lucretia.