his mother Caecilia's reputation was bad
Plt Lucullus Chapter 1: His ancestry and youth

Finding the Cyrenians harassed by long tyrannies and wars, he composed their troubles, and settled their government; putting the city in mind of that saying which Plato once had oracularly uttered of them, who, being requested to prescribe laws to them, and mold them into some sound form of government, made answer, that it was a hard thing to give laws to the Cyrenians, abounding, as they did, in wealth and plenty. For nothing is more intractable than man when in felicity, nor anything more docile, when he has been reduced and humbled by fortune.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 2: Lucullus assists Sulla

He remembered the admonition of Sulla, whose advice it is in his Memoirs, to treat nothing as so certain and so worthy of reliance as an intimation given in dreams.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 23: Siege of Sinope

The first messenger that gave notice of Lucullus's coming was so far from pleasing Tigranes, that he had his head cut off for his pains; and no man daring to bring further informationů.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 25: Trigranes defeated.

I will make it a happy day to the Romans.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 27: Preparations for the battle of Tigranocerta

Being one of the rare examples of generals who made use of delay for active achievement, and speed for security.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 28: the battle of Tigranocerta

Xerxes in a gown
Plt Lucullus Chapter 39: A luxurious life for Lucullus
By Lucius Aelius Tubero

Cato was his friend and connection, but, nevertheless, so hated his life and habits, that when a young man in the senate made a long and tedious speech in praise of frugality and temperance, Cato got up and said, "How long do you mean to go on making money like Crassus, living like Lucullus, and talking like Cato?"
Plt Lucullus Chapter 40: A luxurious life for Lucullus (cont.)

Among the many signs of the great love which he bore to his brother Marcus, one in particular is commemorated by the Romans. Though he was elder brother, he would not step into authority without him, but deferred his own advance until his brother was qualified to bear a share with him, and so won upon the people, as when absent to be chosen Aedile with him.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 1: His ancestry and youth