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The Gallic War (De Bello Gallico) by Julius Caesar

Translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb

Chapter index of Book 03

Chapter 1: Galba in Octodorus. Prolog. [56 BC]
Chapter 2: Galba in Octodorus. Uprise of the Gauls. [56 BC]
Chapter 3: Galba in Octodorus. The council. [56 BC]
Chapter 4: Galba in Octodorus. The siege. [56 BC]
Chapter 5: Galba in Octodorus. New advice. [56 BC]
Chapter 6: Galba in Octodorus. The sally. [56 BC]
Chapter 7: War with the Veneti. Prolog. [56 BC]
Chapter 8: War with the Veneti. Revolt. [56 BC]
Chapter 9: War with the Veneti. Preparations for war. [56 BC]
Chapter 10: War with the Veneti. Considerations of Caesar. [56 BC]
Chapter 11: War with the Veneti. Measures of Caesar. [56 BC]
Chapter 12: War with the Veneti. About the Veneti. [56 BC]
Chapter 13: War with the Veneti. The ships of the Veneti. [56 BC]
Chapter 14: War with the Veneti. And how to attack them. [56 BC]
Chapter 15: War with the Veneti. Rome wins the sea-battle. [56 BC]
Chapter 16: War with the Veneti. The end. [56 BC]
Chapter 17: Sabinus against Viridovix. [56 BC]
Chapter 18: Sabinus against Viridovix. The stratagem. [56 BC]
Chapter 19: Sabinus against Viridovix. The battle. [56 BC]
Chapter 20: Crassus in Aquitania. Prolog. [56 BC]
Chapter 21: Crassus in Aquitania. Battle with the Sotiates. [56 BC]
Chapter 22: Crassus in Aquitania. Adcantuannus [56 BC]
Chapter 23: Crassus in Aquitania. Vocates and Tarusates. [56 BC]
Chapter 24: Crassus in Aquitania. Romans ready for battle. [56 BC]
Chapter 25: Crassus in Aquitania. Attack on the camp. [56 BC]
Chapter 26: Crassus in Aquitania. Attack from behind. [56 BC]
Chapter 27: Crassus in Aquitania. Surrender of Aquitania. [56 BC]
Chapter 28: Caesar with the Morini and the Menapii. [56 BC]
Chapter 29: Caesar with the Morini and the Menapii. Destruction of the country. [56 BC]