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Germania by Tacitus

Translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb
Chapter index
Chapter 1: Around Germany
Chapter 2: Origin of the Germans
Chapter 3: Hercules and Ulysses
Chapter 4: The German race
Chapter 5: The country
Chapter 6: The army
Chapter 7: Generals and soldiers
Chapter 8: The women
Chapter 9: Their Gods
Chapter 10: Omens and divining
Chapter 11: The assembly
Chapter 12: Justice
Chapter 13: Carrying weapons
Chapter 14: On the battle-field
Chapter 15: Life during peace
Chapter 16: Their houses
Chapter 17: Their cloths
Chapter 18: Marriages
Chapter 19: Marriage and children
Chapter 20: The family
Chapter 21: Feuds and friends
Chapter 22: Life at home
Chapter 23: Food and drink
Chapter 24: Amusement
Chapter 25: Slaves
Chapter 26: Agriculture
Chapter 27: Funerals
Chapter 28: The Germans in general
Chapter 29: Batavians and Mattiacians
Chapter 30: The Cattans
Chapter 31: The hair of the Chattans
Chapter 32: Usipians and Tencterians
Chapter 33: The Bructerians
Chapter 34: The Frisians
Chapter 35: Chaucians
Chapter 36: Cheruscans
Chapter 37: The Cimbrians
Chapter 38: The Suevians
Chapter 39: The Semnones
Chapter 40: Langobards and Herthum worshippers
Chapter 41: The Hermondurians
Chapter 42: Nariscans, Marcomanians and Quadians
Chapter 43: Peoples of the East
Chapter 44: The Gothones
Chapter 45: Aestyans, amber and Sitones
Chapter 46: Further East