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History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita) by Livy

Translated by Rev. Canon Roberts

Chapter index of Book 07

Chapter 1: Pestilence in Rome. [366-5 BC]
Chapter 2: Scenic Representations first introduced. [364 BC]
Chapter 3: Continued Pestilence -- Fresh Attempts at Proitiation. [363 BC]
Chapter 4: Impeachment of Manlius. [362 BC]
Chapter 5: Impeachment of Manlius (cont.) [362 BC]
Chapter 6: The Sacrifice of Marcus Curtius. War with the Hernici. [362 BC]
Chapter 7: War with the Hernici (Cont.) [362 BC]
Chapter 8: War with the Hernici (Cont.) [362 BC]
Chapter 9: War with the Gauls. [361 BC]
Chapter 10: War with the Gauls. Titus Manlius' Exploit. [361 BC]
Chapter 11: War with the Tiburtines. [361-0 BC]
Chapter 12: War with Tiburtines, Tarquinians and Gauls [359-8 BC]
Chapter 13: War with the Gauls. The army wants to attack. [358 BC]
Chapter 14: Attack on the Gauls. [358 BC]
Chapter 15: Victory on the Gauls. [357 BC]
Chapter 16: Wars with Neighbouring Cities. [357 BC]
Chapter 17: Wars with Tiburtines, Faliscans and Tarquinians. [356-5 BC]
Chapter 18: Contest over the Consulship. [355-4 BC]
Chapter 19: War with the Etruscans. [354-3 BC]
Chapter 20: Submission of Caere. [353 BC]
Chapter 21: Financial Reforms. [352 BC]
Chapter 22: Renewed Conflicts over the Magistracies. [351 BC]
Chapter 23: Defeat of the Gauls. [350 BC]
Chapter 24: War with the Gauls. The end. [350 BC]
Chapter 25: Gaulish Marauders and Greek Pirates. [349 BC]
Chapter 26: Marcus Valerius Corvus -- Defeat of the Gauls. [349-8 BC]
Chapter 27: Defeat of the Volscians and Destruction of Satricum. [347-6 BC]
Chapter 28: War with Volscians and Auruncans. [345-4 BC]
Chapter 29: The Beginning of the Wars with the Samnites. [343 BC]
Chapter 30:The Appeal of the Campanians. [343 BC]
Chapter 31: War with Samnites. The war declared. [343 BC]
Chapter 32: War with Samnites. Battle of Mount Glaurus. [343 BC]
Chapter 33: War with Samnites. A Roman Victory. [343 BC]
Chapter 34: War with Samnites. Publius Decius Mus saves a Roman Army. [343 BC]
Chapter 35: War with Samnites. The plan of Publius Decius Mus. [343 BC]
Chapter 36: War with Samnites. A second Roman Victory. [343 BC]
Chapter 37: Battle of Suessula -- final Defeat of the Samnites. [343 BC]
Chapter 38: Mutiny of Troops in Campania. [343-2 BC]
Chapter 39: Mutiny of Troops in Campania. Titus Quinctius. [342 BC]
Chapter 40: Marcus Valerius restores Peace and Concord. [342 BC]
Chapter 41: Mutiny of Troops in Campania. The End. [342 BC]
Chapter 42: Mutiny of Troops in Campania. Views of others. [342 BC]