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Metamorphosis by Ovid

Chapter index of Book 13

Chapter 1: 1-122 The debate over the arms: Ajax speaks
Chapter 2: 123-381 The debate over the arms: Ulysses speaks
Chapter 3: 382-398 The death of Ajax
Chapter 4: 399-428 The fall of Troy
Chapter 5: 429-480 The deaths of Polydorus and Polyxena
Chapter 6: 481-575 Hecuba's lament and transformation
Chapter 7: 576-622 Aurora and the Memnonides
Chapter 8: 623-639 Aeneas begins his wanderings
Chapter 9: 640-674 The transformation of Anius' daughters.
Chapter 10: 675-704 The cup of Alcon
Chapter 11: 705-737 Aeneas's journey to Sicily
Chapter 12: 738-788 Acis and Galatea
Chapter 13: 789-869 The song of Polyphemus
Chapter 14: 870-897 Acis is turned into a river-god
Chapter 15: 898-968 Glaucus tells Scylla of his transformation