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Parallel Lives by Plutarch

Chapter index of

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: His youth.
Chapter 3: Soldier in the battles of Arausio and Aqua Sextiae, and in Spain. [105 BC, 102 BC]
Chapter 4: In Gaul; Marius vs Sulla. [88-87 BC.]
Chapter 5: Marius vs Sulla. [86 BC]
Chapter 6: Proconsul in Spain [86 BC]
Chapter 7: Sertorius withdraws to Mauretania [81? BC]
Chapter 8: The Islands of the Blest [80? BC]
Chapter 9: Sertorius in to Mauretania [80? BC]
Chapter 10: Sertorius is invited by the Lusitanians [80 BC]
Chapter 11: Sertorius in Spain [80-72 BC]
Chapter 12: Sertorius in Spain; fighting 4 armies [80-72 BC]
Chapter 13: Sertorius in Spain; fighting Metellus [80-72 BC]
Chapter 14: Sertorius in Spain; his attitude [80-72 BC]
Chapter 15: Sertorius in Spain; Perpenna arrives [77 BC]
Chapter 16: Sertorius in Spain; how he trained the Spaniards [80-72 BC]
Chapter 17: Sertorius in Spain; fighting the Characitanians [80-72 BC]
Chapter 18: Sertorius in Spain; Pompeius comes to help Metellus [77 BC]
Chapter 19: Sertorius in Spain; he defeats Pompey at Sucro and Tuttia [77-72 BC]
Chapter 20: Sertorius in Spain; his hind. [80-72 BC]
Chapter 21: Sertorius in Spain; battle of Saguntum. [72 BC]
Chapter 22: Sertorius in Spain; complots. [72 BC]
Chapter 23: Sertorius in Spain; negotiations with Mithridates [72 BC]
Chapter 24: Sertorius in Spain; agreement with Mithridates [72 BC]
Chapter 25: Sertorius in Spain; the complot thickens [72 BC]
Chapter 26: Sertorius in Spain; Sertorius murdered [72 BC]
Chapter 27: The fate of the murderers [72 BC]