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Statues" as quoted in edited sources
List of terms with frequency:

Ancestral busts(2)
Ancestral images(1)
Battle of the Giants(1)
Bust of Libo(1)
Bust of Tiberius(1)
Family busts(1)
Image of Fortuna(2)
Image of Jupiter(1)
Image of Jupiter Imperator(1)
Image of Memnon(1)
Image of Minerva(1)
Image of Pallas(1)
Statue of Aesculapius(1)
Statue of Alexander the Great(1)
Statue of Athena Promachos(1)
Statue of Attus(1)
Statue of Augustus(4)
Statue of Autolycus(1)
Statue of Caesar(1)
Statue of Ceres(1)
Statue of Fortuna(1)
Statue of Galba(1)
Statue of Hercules(2)
Statue of Hortensius(1)
Statue of Julius Caesar(1)
Statue of Juno(1)
Statue of Jupiter(3)
Statue of king Perseus(1)
Statue of king Ptolemy(1)
Statue of Lucius Brutus(1)
Statue of Lucius Sulla(1)
Statue of Mars(1)
Statue of Nero(3)
Statue of Pompey(3)
Statue of the Deified Julius(1)
Statue of the Divine Augustus(1)
Statue of the Divine Julius(1)
Statue of Tiberius(1)
Statue of Venus(1)
Statue of Victory(4)
Statues of Antony(1)
Statues of Eumenes(1)
Statues of Galba(1)
Statues of king Alexander(1)
Statues of Pompey(1)
Statues of Poppaea(1)
Statues of Romulus(1)
Statues of Vitellius(1)
Venus of Cos(1)