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The Goths by Jordanes
Translated by Charles Gaius Mierow

Chapter 46: The end of the West.[476 AD]
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(242) Now when Augustulus had been appointed Emperor by his father Orestes in Ravenna, it was not long before Odoacer, King of the Torcilingi, invaded Italy, as leader of the Sciri, the Heruli and allies of various races. He put Orestes to death, drove his son Augustulus from the throne and condemned him to the punishment of exile in the Castle of Lucullus in Campania.
(243) Thus the Western empire of the Roman race, which Octavianus Augustus, the first of the Augusti, began to govern in the seven hundred and ninth year from the founding of the city, perished with this Augustulus in the five hundred and twenty second year from the beginning of the rule of his predecessors and those before them, and from this time onward kings of the Goths held Rome and Italy. Meanwhile Odoacer, King of nations, subdued all Italy and then at the very outset of his reign slew count Bracila at Ravenna that he might inspire a fear of himself among the Romans. He strengthened his kingdom and held it for almost thirteen years, even until the appearance of Theodoric, of whom we shall speak hereafter.

Event: Uprise of Odoaker