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History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita) by Livy
Translated by Rev. Canon Roberts
Content of Book XX[240 - 219 BC]
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Contents of Book XX. 240 - 219 BC

[240 BC.]

A colony settled at Spoletum.
An army sent against the Ligurians; being the first war with that state. The Sardinians and Corsicans rebel, and are subdued.

[238 BC.]

Tuccia, a vestal, found guilty of incest. War declared against the Illyrians, who had slain an ambassador; they are subdued and brought to submission.

[237 BC.]

The number of praetors increased to four. The Transalpine Gauls make an irruption into Italy: are conquered and put to the sword.

[236 BC.]

The Roman army, in conjunction with the Latins, is said to have amounted to no less than three hundred thousand men.

[235 BC.]

The Roman army for the first time crosses the Po; fights with and subdues the Insubrian Gauls.

[222 BC.]

Claudius Marcellus consul, having slain Viridomarus, the general of the Insubrian Gauls, carries off the spolia opima.

[221 BC.]

The Istrians subdued; also the Illyrians, who had rebelled.

[220 BC.]

The censors hold a lustrum, in which the number of the citizens is found to be two hundred and seventy thousand two hundred and thirteen.
The sons of freedmen formed into four tribes; the Esquiline, Palatine, Suburran, and Colline.

[219 BC.]
Gaius Flaminius, censor, constructs the Flaminian road, and builds the Flaminian circus.

Events: War with the Ligurians, Rebellion of the Sardinians of 240 BC, Rebellion of the Corsicans of 240 BC, Tuccia condemned, War with the Illyrians of 238 BC, War with the Transalpine Gauls of 237 BC, The Insubrian Gauls subdued (235 BC), The Insubrian Gauls subdued. Battle of Clastidium, The Istrians subdued, Rebellion of the Illyrians of 221 BC, The Flaminian road and the Flaminian Circus constructed