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Mispogon (beard-haters) by Julian
Translated by Wilmer Cave Wright
Chapter 3
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Perhaps you had this other grievance and clear proof of the worthlessness of my disposition -- for I keep on adding some still more strange characteristics -- I [Note 1] mean that I hate horse-races as men who owe money hate the market-place. Therefore I seldom attend them, only during the festivals of the gods; and I do not stay the whole day as my cousin [Note 2] used to do, and my uncle [Note 3] and my brother and my father 's [Note 4] son [Note 5]. Six races are all that I stay to see, and not even those with the air of one who loves the sport, or even, by Zeus, with the air of one who does not hate and loathe it, and I am glad to get away.

Note 1: I = Julian
Note 2: cousin = Constantius
Note 3: uncle = Dalmatius
Note 4: father = Julius Constantius
Note 5: son = Gallus