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Quote of the day: For he had revived the law of treason
Mispogon (beard-haters) by Julian
Translated by Wilmer Cave Wright
Chapter 34
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But what did your rich men do? They secretly sold the corn in the country for an exaggerated price, and they oppressed the community by the expenses that private persons had to incur. And the result is that not only the city but most of the country people too are flocking in to buy bread, which is the only thing to be found in abundance and cheap. And indeed who remembers fifteen measures of corn to have been sold among you for a gold piece, even when the city was in a prosperous condition? It was for this conduct that I [Note 1] incurred your hatred, because I did not allow people to sell you wine and vegetables and fruit for gold, or the corn which had been locked away by the rich in their granaries to be sold for their benefit. For they managed the business finely outside the city, and so procured for men famine that grinds down mortals," as the god [Note 2] said when he was accusing those who behave in this fashion. And the city now enjoys plenty only as regards bread, and nothing else.

Note 1: I = Julian
Note 2: god = Apollo