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Parallel Lives by Plutarchus

Romulus, chapter 9: The Foundation of Rome (cont.)[753 BC]
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Amulius now being dead and matters quietly disposed, the two brothers [Note 1] would neither dwell in Alba without governing there, nor take the government into their own hands during the life of their grandfather [Note 2]. Having therefore delivered the dominion up into his hands, and paid their mother befitting honor, they resolved to live by themselves, and build a city in the same place where they were in their infancy brought up. This seems the most honorable reason for their departure; though perhaps it was necessary, having such a body of slaves and fugitives collected about them, either to come to nothing by dispersing them, or if not so, then to live with them elsewhere. For that the inhabitants of Alba did not think fugitives worthy of being received and incorporated as citizens among them plainly appears from the matter of the women, an attempt made not wantonly but of necessity, because they could not get wives by good-will. For they certainly paid unusual respect and honor to those whom they thus forcibly seized.

Note 1: brothers: Romulus and Remus
Note 2: grandfather: Numitor

Event: The Foundation of Rome