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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 58: FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY
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The whole body of the people, upon a sudden impulse, and with unanimous consent, offered him the title of FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. It was announced to him first at Antium, by a deputation from the people, and upon his declining the honour, they repeated their offer on his return to Rome, in a full theatre, when they were crowned with laurel. The senate soon afterwards adopted the proposal, not in the way of acclamation or decree, but by commissioning Marcus Messala, in an unanimous vote, to compliment him with it in the following terms: With hearty wishes for the happiness and prosperity of yourself and family, Caesar Augustus, (for we think we thus most effectually pray for the lasting welfare of the state), the senate, in agreement with the Roman people, salute you by the title of FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. To this compliment Augustus replied, with tears in his eyes, in these words (for I give them exactly as I have done those of Messala): Having now arrived at the summit of my wishes, O Conscript Fathers, what else have I to beg of the Immortal Gods, but the continuance of this your affection for me to the last moments of my life?