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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 9: 5 Battles
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Having thus given a very short summary of his life, I shall prosecute the several parts of it, not in order of time, but arranging his acts into distinct classes, for the sake of perspicuity. He [Note 1] was engaged in five civil wars, namely, those of Modena, Philippi, Perugia, Sicily, and Actium; the first and last of which were against Antony, and the second against Brutus and Cassius; the third against Lucius Antonius, the triumvir's brother and the fourth against Sextus Pompeius, the son of Gnaeus Pompeius.

Note 1: he = Augustus

Events: Siege of Modena, Battle of Actium, The battle of Philippi, Siege of Perugia, The Sicilian War

Proposita vitae eius velut summa, partes singillatim neque per tempora sed per species exsequar, quo distinctius demonstrari cognoscique possint. Bella civilia quinque gessit: Mutinense, Philippense, Perusinum, Siculum, Actiacum; e quibus primum ac novissimum adversus M. Antonium, secundum adversus Brutum et Cassium, tertium adversus L. Antonium triumviri fratrem, quartum adversus Sextum Pomeium CN. F.