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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 36: The Civil war, comment.[48-5 BC]
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In all the civil wars he [Note 1] suffered not a single disaster except through his lieutenants, of whom Gaius Curio perished [Note 2] in Africa, Gaius Antonius fell into the hands of the enemy in Illyricum, Publius Dolabella lost [Note 3] a fleet also off Illyricum, and Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus an army in Pontus [Note 4]. Personally he always fought with the utmost success, and the issue was never even in doubt save twice: once at Dyrrachium [Note 5], where he was put to flight, and said of Pompeius, who failed to follow up his success, that he did not know how to use a victory; again in Spain, in the final struggle [Note 6], when, believing the battle lost, he actually thought of suicide.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar
Note 2: Civil war - battle of Bagradas River (49 BC)
Note 3: Civil war: Battle of Curicta (49 BC)
Note 4: Civil war - Pharnaces beats Domitius Calvinus (48 BC)
Note 5: Civil war - Battle of Dyrrhachium (48 BC)
Note 6: Civil war in Spain. Battle of Munda (45 BC)