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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Tiberius Chapter 12: Tiberius on Rhodes (cont.)[6 BC - 2 AD]
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Accordingly he [Note 1] remained in Rhodes against his will, having with difficulty through his mother's [Note 2] aid secured permission that, while away from Rome, he should have the title of legatus of Augustus, so as to conceal his disgrace. Then in very truth he lived not only in private, but even in danger and fear, secluded in his country away from the sea, and shunning the attentions of those that sailed that way; these, however, were constantly thrust on him, since no general or magistrate who was on his way to any province failed to put in at Rhodes. He had besides reasons for still greater anxiety; for when he had crossed to Samos to visit his step-son Gaius, who had been made governor of the Orient, he found him somewhat estranged through the slanders of Marcus Lollius, a member of Gaius' staff and his guardian. He also incurred the suspicion of having through some centurions of his appointment, who were returning to camp after a furlough, sent messages to several persons which were of an ambiguous character and apparently designed to incite them to revolution. On being informed by Augustus of this suspicion, he unceasingly demanded the appointment of someone, of any rank whatsoever, to keep watch over his actions and words.

Note 1: Tiberius
Note 2: mother = Livia

Event: Tiberius on Rhodes