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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book X Chapter 32: Aeneas injures Mezentius
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To match him [Note 1] now, Aeneas, looking down
the long array of war, came forth in arms
to challenge and defy. But quailing not,
a mass immovable, the other stood
waiting his noble foe, and with a glance
measured to cast his spear the space between.
May this right hand, he said, and this swift spear
which here I poise, be favoring gods for me!
The spoils from yonder robber's carcase stripped
I vow to hang on thee, my Lausus, thou
shalt stand for trophy of Aeneas slain.
He said, and hurled from far the roaring spear,
which from the shield glanced off, and speeding still
smote famed Antores 'twixt the loin and side --
Antores, friend of Hercules, who came
from Argos, and had joined Evander's cause,
abiding in Italia. Lo, a wound
meant for another pierced him, and he lay,
ill-fated! looking upward to the light,
and dreaming of dear Argos as he died.
Then good Aeneas hurled his spear; it passed
through hollow orb of triple bronze, and through
layers of flax and triple-twisted hides;
then in the lower groin it lodged, but left
its work undone. Aeneas, not ill-pleased
to see the Tuscan wounded, swiftly drew
the falchion from his thigh, and hotly pressed
his startled foe. But Lausus at the sight
groaned loud, so much he loved his father dear,
and tears his cheek bedewed.

Note 1: him = Mezentius

Event: Aeneas relieves the siege of the Trojan camp

huic contra Aeneas speculatus in agmine longo
obuius ire parat. manet imperterritus ille
hostem magnanimum opperiens, et mole sua stat;
atque oculis spatium emensus quantum satis hastae:
'dextra mihi deus et telum, quod missile libro,
nunc adsint! uoueo praedonis corpore raptis
indutum spoliis ipsum te, Lause, tropaeum
Aeneae.' dixit, stridentemque eminus hastam
iecit. at illa uolans clipeo est excussa proculque
egregium Antoren latus inter et ilia figit,
Herculis Antoren comitem, qui missus ab Argis
haeserat Euandro atque Itala consederat urbe.
sternitur infelix alieno uulnere, caelumque
aspicit et dulcis moriens reminiscitur Argos.
tum pius Aeneas hastam iacit; illa per orbem
aere cauum triplici, per linea terga tribusque
transiit intextum tauris opus, imaque sedit
inguine, sed uiris haud pertulit. ocius ensem
Aeneas uiso Tyrrheni sanguine laetus
eripit a femine et trepidanti feruidus instat.
ingemuit cari grauiter genitoris amore,
ut uidit, Lausus, lacrimaeque per ora uolutae—