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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book XII Chapter 5: Aeneas prepares for the duel
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That self-same day with aspect terrible
Aeneas girt him in the wondrous arms
his mother gave; made sharp his martial steel,
and roused his heart to ire; though glad was he
to seal such truce and end the general war.
Then he spoke comfort to his friends; and soothed
Iulus' fear, unfolding Heaven's intent;
but on Latinus bade his heralds lay
unyielding terms and laws of peace impose.

Event: The Duel of Turnus and Aeneas

Nec minus interea maternis saeuus in armis
Aeneas acuit Martem et se suscitat ira,
oblato gaudens componi foedere bellum.
tum socios maestique metum solatur Iuli
fata docens, regique iubet responsa Latino
certa referre uiros et pacis dicere leges.