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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book XII Chapter 12: Omens
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So speaking, she inflamed
the warriors' minds, and through the legions ran
increasing whisper; the Laurentine host
and even Latium wavered. Those who late
prayed but for rest and safety, clamored loud
for arms, desired annulment of the league,
and pitied Turnus' miserable doom.
Whereon Juturna tried a mightier stroke,
a sign from heaven, which more than all beside
confused the Latins and deceived their hearts
with prodigy. For through the flaming skies
Jove's golden eagle swooped, and scattered far
a clamorous tribe of river-haunting birds;
then, swiftly to the waters falling, seized
one noble swan, which with keen, curving claws
he ruthless bore away: th' Italians all
watched eagerly, while the loud-screaming flock
wheeled upward (wondrous sight!), with host of wings
shadowed the sky, and in a legion-cloud
chased through the air the foe; till, overborne
by heavier odds, the eagle from his claws
flung back his victim to the waves, and fled
to the dim, distant heaven.

Event: The Gods interfere in the Aeneid

Talibus incensa est iuuenum sententia dictis
iam magis atque magis, serpitque per agmina murmur:
ipsi Laurentes mutati ipsique Latini.
qui sibi iam requiem pugnae rebusque salutem
sperabant, nunc arma uolunt foedusque precantur
infectum et Turni sortem miserantur iniquam
His aliud maius Iuturna adiungit et alto
dat signum caelo, quo non praesentius ullum
turbauit mentes Italas monstroque fefellit.
namque uolans rubra fuluus Iouis ales in aethra
litoreas agitabat auis turbamque sonantem
agminis aligeri, subito cum lapsus ad undas
cycnum excellentem pedibus rapit improbus uncis.
arrexere animos Itali, cunctaeque uolucres
conuertunt clamore fugam (mirabile uisu),
aetheraque obscurant pennis hostemque per auras
facta nube premunt, donec ui uictus et ipso
pondere defecit praedamque ex unguibus ales
proiecit fluuio, penitusque in nubila fugit.