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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book XII Chapter 35: The death of Turnus0
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Above his faltering terror gleams in air
Aeneas' fatal spear; whose eye perceived
the moment of success, and all whose strength
struck forth: the vast and ponderous rock outflung
from engines which make breach in sieged walls
not louder roars nor breaks in thunder-sound
more terrible; like some black whirlwind flew
the death-delivering spear, and, rending wide
the corselet's edges and the heavy rim
of the last circles of the seven-fold shield,
pierced, hissing, through the thigh. Huge Turnus sinks
o'erwhelmed upon the ground with doubling knee.
Up spring the Rutules, groaning; the whole hill
roars answering round them, and from far and wide
the lofty groves give back an echoing cry.
Lowly, with suppliant eyes, and holding forth
his hand in prayer: I have my meed, he cried,
Nor ask for mercy. Use what Fate has given!
But if a father's grief upon thy heart
have power at all, -- for Sire Anchises once
to thee was dear, -- I pray thee to show grace
to Daunus in his desolate old age;
and me, or, if thou wilt, my lifeless clay,
to him and his restore. For, lo, thou art
my conqueror! Ausonia's eyes have seen
me suppliant, me fallen. Thou hast made
Lavinia thy bride. Why further urge
our enmity? With swift and dreadful arms
Aeneas o'er him stood, with rolling eyes,
but his bare sword restraining; for such words
moved on him more and more: when suddenly,
over the mighty shoulder slung, he saw
that fatal baldric studded with bright gold
which youthful Pallas wore, what time he fell
vanquished by Turnus' stroke, whose shoulders now
carried such trophy of a foeman slain.
Aeneas' eyes took sure and slow survey
of spoils that were the proof and memory
of cruel sorrow; then with kindling rage
and terrifying look, he cried, Wouldst thou,
clad in a prize stripped off my chosen friend,
escape this hand? In this thy mortal wound
t is Pallas has a victim; Pallas takes
the lawful forfeit of thy guilty blood!
He said, and buried deep his furious blade
in the opposer's heart. The failing limbs
sank cold and helpless; and the vital breath
with moan of wrath to darkness fled away.

Event: The Duel of Turnus and Aeneas

Cunctanti telum Aeneas fatale coruscat,
sortitus fortunam oculis, et corpore toto
eminus intorquet. murali concita numquam
tormento sic saxa fremunt nec fulmine tanti
dissultant crepitus. uolat atri turbinis instar
exitium dirum hasta ferens orasque recludit
loricae et clipei extremos septemplicis orbis;
per medium stridens transit femur. incidit ictus
ingens ad terram duplicato poplite Turnus.
consurgunt gemitu Rutuli totusque remugit
mons circum et uocem late nemora alta remittunt.
ille humilis supplex oculos dextramque precantem
protendens 'equidem merui nec deprecor' inquit;
'utere sorte tua. miseri te si qua parentis
tangere cura potest, oro (fuit et tibi talis
Anchises genitor) Dauni miserere senectae
et me, seu corpus spoliatum lumine mauis,
redde meis. uicisti et uictum tendere palmas
Ausonii uidere; tua est Lauinia coniunx,
ulterius ne tende odiis.' stetit acer in armis
Aeneas uoluens oculos dextramque repressit;
et iam iamque magis cunctantem flectere sermo
coeperat, infelix umero cum apparuit alto
balteus et notis fulserunt cingula bullis
Pallantis pueri, uictum quem uulnere Turnus
strauerat atque umeris inimicum insigne gerebat.
ille, oculis postquam saeui monimenta doloris
exuuiasque hausit, furiis accensus et ira
terribilis: 'tune hinc spoliis indute meorum
eripiare mihi? Pallas te hoc uulnere, Pallas
immolat et poenam scelerato ex sanguine sumit.'
hoc dicens ferrum aduerso sub pectore condit
feruidus; ast illi soluuntur frigore membra
uitaque cum gemitu fugit indignata sub umbras.