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Annals by Tacitus
Translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb
Book XV Chapter 72: The conspiracy of Piso. Nymphidius[AD 65]
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All this having been completed, Nero assembled the troops and distributed two thousand sesterces to every common soldier, with an addition of as much corn without payment, as they had previously the use of at the market price. Then, as if he was going to describe successes in war, he summoned the Senate, and awarded triumphal honours to Petronius Turpilianus, an ex-consul, to Cocceius Nerva, praetor-elect, and to Tigellinus, commander of the praetorians. Tigellinus and Nerva he so distinguished as to place busts of them in the palace in addition to triumphal statues in the Forum. He granted a consul's decorations to Nymphidius, on whose origin, as he now appears for the first time, I will briefly touch. For he too will be a part of Rome's calamities. The son of a freedwoman, who had prostituted a handsome person among the slaves and freedmen of the emperors, he gave out that he was the offspring of Gaius Caesar, for he happened to be of tall stature and to have a fierce look, or possibly Gaius Caesar, who liked even harlots, had also amused himself with the man's mother.

Event: The conspiracy of Piso

Quibus perpetratis Nero et contione militum habita bina nummum milia viritim manipularibus divisit addiditque sine pretio frumentum. quo ante ex modo annonae utebantur. tum quasi gesta bello expositurus, vocat senatum et triumphale decus Petronio Turpi[li]ano consulari, Cocceio Nervae praetori designato, Tigellino praefecto praetorii tribuit, Tigellinum et Nervam ita extollens, ut super triumphales in foro imagines apud Palatium quoque effigies eorum sisteret. consularia insignia Nymphidio [Sabino decrecta, de quo] qu[i]a nunc primum oblatus est, pauca repetam: nam et ipse pars Romanarum cladium erit. igitur matre libertine ortus, quae corpus decorum inter servos libertosque principum vulgaverat, ex C. Caesare se genitum ferebat, quoniam forte quadam habitu procerus et torvo vultu erat, sive C. Caesar, scortorum quoque