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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 68: Infamous character?
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In his early youth various aspersions of an infamous character were heaped upon him [Note 1]. Sextus Pompey reproached him with being an effeminate fellow; and Mark Antony, with earning his adoption from his uncle [Note 2] by improper means. Lucius Antony, likewise Mark's brother, charges him with the same.

Note 1: him = Augustus
Note 2: uncle = Julius Caesar

Prima iuventa variorum dedecorum in famiam subiit. Sextus Pompeius ut effeminatum insectatus est; M. Antonius adoptionem avunculi stupro meritum; item L. Marci frater, quasi pudicitiam delibatam a Caesare Aulo etiam Hirtio in Hispania trecentis milibus nummum substraverit solitusque sit crura suburere nuce ardenti, quo mollior pilus surgeret. Sed et populus quondam universus ludorum die et accepit in contumeliam eius et adsensu maximo conprobavit versum in scaena pronuntiatum de gallo Matris Deum tympanizante: "Videsne, ut cinaedus orbem digito temperat?"