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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Caligula, Chapter 37: Caligula as a monster (Cont.)
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In reckless extravagance he [Note 1] outdid the prodigals of all times in ingenuity, inventing a new sort of baths and unnatural varieties of food and feasts; for he would bathe in hot or cold perfumed oils, drink pearls of great price dissolved in vinegar, and set before his guests loaves and meats of gold, declaring that a man ought either to be frugal or Caesar. He even scattered large sums of money among the people from the roof of the Basilica Julia for several days in succession. He also built Liburnian galleys with ten banks of oars, with sterns set with gems, parti-colored sails, huge spacious baths, colonnades, and banquet-halls, and even a great variety of vines and fruit trees that on board of them he might recline at table from an early hour, and coast along the shores of Campania amid songs and choruses. He built villas and country houses with utter disregard of expense, caring for nothing so much as to do what men said was impossible. So he built moles out into the deep and stormy sea, tunnelled rocks of hardest flint, built up plains to the height of mountains and razed mountains to the level of the plain; all with incredible dispatch, since the penalty for delay was death. To make a long story short, vast sums of money, including the 2,700,000,000 sesterces which Tiberius Caesar had amassed, were squandered by him in less than the revolution of a year.

Note 1: he = Caligula

Event: Caligula as a monster

Nepotatus sumptibus omnium prodigorum ingenia superauit, commentus nouum balnearum usum, portentosissima genera ciborum atque cenarum, ut calidis frigidisque unguentis lauaretur, pretiosissima margarita aceto liquefacta sorberet, conuiuis ex auro panes et obsonia apponeret, aut frugi hominem esse oportere dictitans aut Caesarem. Quin et nummos non mediocris summae e fastigio basilicae Iuliae per aliquot dies sparsit in plebem. fabricauit et deceris Liburnicas gemmatis puppibus, uersicoloribus uelis, magna thermarum et porticuum et tricliniorum laxitate magnaque etiam uitium et pomiferarum arborum uarietate; quibus discumbens de die inter choros ac symphonias litora Campaniae peragraret. In extructionibus praetoriorum atque uillarum omni ratione posthabita nihil tam efficere concupiscebat quam quod posse effici negaretur. Et iactae itaque moles infesto ac profundo mari et excisae rupes durissimi silicis et campi montibus aggere aequati et complanata fossuris montium iuga, incredibili quidem celeritate, cum morae culpa capite lueretur. Ac ne singula enumerem, immensas opes totumque illud Ti. Caesaris uicies ac septies milies sestertium non toto uertente anno absumpsit.