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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 43: Julius Caesar Dictator. Justice.[46-44 BC]
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He [Note 1] administered justice with the utmost conscientiousness and strictness. Those convicted of extortion he even dismissed from the senatorial order. He annulled the marriage of an ex-praetor, who had married a woman the very day after her divorce, although there was no suspicion of adultery. He imposed duties on foreign wares. He denied the use of litters and the wearing of scarlet robes or pearls to all except to those of a designated position and age, and on set days. In particular, he enforced the law against extravagance, setting watchmen in various parts of the market, to seize and bring to him dainties which were exposed for sale in violation of the law; and sometimes he sent his lictors and soldiers to take from a dining-room any articles which had escaped the vigilance of his watchmen, even after they had been served.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar

Event: Julius Caesar Dictator

Ius laboriosissime ac seuerissime dixit. repetundarum conuictos etiam ordine senatorio mouit. diremit nuptias praetorii uiri, qui digressam a marito post biduum statim duxerat, quamuis sine probri suspicione. peregrinarum mercium portoria instituit. lecticarum usum, item conchyliatae uestis et margaritarum nisi certis personis et aetatibus perque certos dies ademit. legem praecipue sumptuariam exercuit dispositis circa macellum custodibus, qui obsonia contra uetitum retinerent deportarentque ad se, submissis nonnumquam lictoribus atque militibus, qui, si qua custodes fefellissent, iam adposita e triclinio auferrent.