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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 72: Fidelity to his friends.
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His friends he treated with invariable kindness and consideration. When Gaius Oppius was his companion on a journey through a wild, woody country and was suddenly taken ill, Caesar gave up to him the only shelter there was, while he himself slept on the ground out-of-doors. Moreover, when he came to power, he advanced some of his friends to the highest positions, even though they were of the humblest origin, and when taken to task for it, flatly declared that if he had been helped in defending his honor by brigands and cut-throats, he would have requited even such men in the same way. Amicos tanta semper facilitate indulgentiaque tractauit, ut Gaio Oppio comitanti se per siluestre iter correptoque subita ualitudine deuersoriolo[co], quod unum erat, cesserit et ipse humi ac sub diuo cubuerit. iam autem rerum potens quosdam etiam infimi generis ad amplissimos honores prouexit, cum ob id culparetur, professus palam, si grassatorum et sicariorum ope in tuenda sua dignitate usus esset, talibus quoque se parem gratiam relaturum.