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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 18: Caesar in Spain[61 BC]
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Being allotted the province of Hispania Ulterior [61 B.C.] after his praetorship, Caesar got rid of his creditors, who tried to detain him, by means of sureties and contrary both to precedent and law was on his way before the provinces were provided for [i.e., without waiting for the decrees of the senate which formally confirmed the appointments of the new governors, and provided them with funds and equipment]; possibly through fear of a private impeachment or perhaps to respond more promptly to the entreaties of our allies for help. After restoring order in his province, he made off with equal haste, and without waiting for the arrival of his successor, to sue at the same time for a triumph and the consulship. But inasmuch as the day for the elections had already been announced and no account could be taken of Caesar's candidacy unless he entered the city as a private citizen, and since his intrigues to gain exemption from the laws met with general protest, he was forced to forgo the triumph, to avoid losing the consulship.

Event: Caesar in Spain

Ex praetura ulteriorem sortitus Hispaniam retinentes creditores interuentu sponsorum remouit ac neque more neque iure, ante quam prouinciae or[di]narentur, profectus est: incertum metune iudicii, quod priuato parabatur, an quo maturius sociis inplorantibus subueniret; pacataque prouincia pari festinatione, non expectato successore ad triumphum simul consulatumque decessit. sed cum edictis iam comitis ratio eius haberi non posset nisi priuatus introisset urbem, et ambienti ut legibus solueretur multi contra dicerent, coactus est triumphum, ne consulatu excluderetur, dimittere.