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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 62: Military genius.
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When his army gave way, he often rallied it single-handed, planting himself in the way of the fleeing men, laying hold of them one by one, and even catching them by the throat and forcing them to face the enemy; that, too, when they were in such a panic that an eagle-bearer made a pass at him with the point [the standard of the legion was a silver eagle with outstretched wings, mounted on a pole which had a sharp point at the other end, so that it could be set firmly in the ground] as he tried to stop him, while another left the standard in Caesar's hand when he would hold him back. Inclinatam aciem solus saepe restituit obsistens fugientibus retinensque singulos et contortis faucibus conuertens in hostem et quidem adeo plerumque trepidos, ut aquilifer[o] moranti se cuspide sit comminatus, alius in manu detinentis reliquerit signum.