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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 41: Julius Caesar Dictator[46 BC]
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He filled the vacancies in the senate, enrolled additional patricians, and increased the number of praetors, aediles and quaestors, as well as of the minor officials; he reinstated those who had been degraded by official action of the censors or found guilty of bribery by verdict of the jurors. He shared the elections with the people on this basis: that except in the case of the consulship, half of the magistrates should be appointed by the people's choice, while the rest should be those whom he had personally nominated. And these he announced in brief notes like the following, circulated in each tribe: Caesar the dictator to this or that tribe. I commend to you so and so, to hold their positions by your votes. He admitted to office even the sons of those who had been proscribed. He limited the right of serving as jurors to two classes, the equestrian order and the senatorial order, disqualifying the third class, the tribunes of the treasury. He made the enumeration of the people neither in the usual manner nor place, but from street to street aided by the owners of blocks of houses, and reduced the number of those who received grain at public expense from three hundred and twenty thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand. And to prevent the calling of additional meetings at any future time for purposes of enrolment, he provided that the places of such as died should be filled each year by the praetors from those who were not on the list.

Event: Julius Caesar Dictator

Senatum suppleuit, patricios adlegit, praetorum aedilium quaestorum, minorum etiam magistratuum numerum ampliauit; nudatos opere censorio aut sententia iudicum de ambitu condemnatos restituit. comitia cum populo partitus est, ut exceptis consulatus conpetitoribus de cetero numero candidatorum pro parte dimidia quos populus uellet pronuntiarentur, pro parte altera quos ipse dedisset. et edebat per libellos circum tribum missos scriptura breui: 'Caesar dictator illi tribui. commendo uobis illum et illum, ut uestro suffragio suam dignitatem teneant.' admisit ad honores et proscriptorum liberos. iudicia ad duo genera iudicum redegit, equestris ordinis ac senatorii; tribunos aerarios, quod erat tertium, sustulit. Recensum populi nec more nec loco solito, sed uicatim per dominos insularum egit atque ex uiginti trecentisque milibus accipientium frumentum e publico ad centum quinquaginta retraxit; ac ne qui noui coetus recensionis causa moueri quandoque possent, instituit, quotannis in demortuorum locum ex iis, qui recensi non essent, subsortitio a praetore fieret.