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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 59: Religiosity.
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No regard for religion ever turned him from any undertaking, or even delayed him. Though the victim escaped as he [Note 1] was offering sacrifice he did not put off his expedition against Scipio and Juba. Even when he had a fall as he disembarked, he gave the omen a favorable turn by crying: I hold you fast, Africa. Furthermore, to make the prophecies ridiculous which declared that the stock of the Scipios was fated to be fortunate and invincible in that province, he kept with him in camp a contemptible fellow belonging to the Cornelian family, to whom the nickname Salvito had been given as a reproach for his manner of life.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar

Ne religione quidem ulla a quoquam incepto absterritus umquam uel retardatus est. cum immolanti aufugisset hostia, profectionem aduersus Scipionem et Iubam non distulit. prolapsus etiam in egressu nauis uerso ad melius omine: 'teneo te,' inquit, 'Africa.' ad eludendas autem uaticinationes, quibus felix et inuictum in ea prouincia fataliter Scipionum nomen ferebatur, despectissimum quendam ex Corneliorum genere, cui ad opprobrium uitae Saluitoni cognomen erat, in castris secum habuit.