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The Gallic War (De Bello Gallico) by Julius Caesar
Translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb
Book VI Chapter 33: Revolt of the Gauls. Caesar pursues Ambiorix.[53 BC]
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Having divided the army, he [note 1] orders Titus Labienus to proceed with three legions toward the ocean into those parts which border on the Menapii; he sends Gaius Trebonius with a like number of legions to lay waste that district which lies contiguous to the Aduatuci; he himself determines to go with the remaining three to the river Sambre, which flows into the Meuse, and to the most remote parts of Arduenna, whither he heard that Ambiorix had gone with a few horse. When departing, he promises that he will return before the end of the seventh day, on which day he was aware corn was due to that legion which was being left in garrison. He directs Labienus and Trebonius to return by the same day, if they can do so agreeably to the interests of the republic; so that their measures having been mutually imparted, and the plans of the enemy having been discovered, they might be able to commence a different line of operations.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar

Event: Revolt of the Gauls

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Julius Caesar

Horse:a. the animal. b. cavalry.