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Parallel Lives by Plutarchus

Antony Chapter 52: Parthia and Media quarrel[35 BC]
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A quarrel presently happened between the king [Note 1] of Media and Phraates of Parthia, beginning, it is said, about the division of the booty that was taken from the Romans, and creating great apprehension in the Median lest he should lose his kingdom. He sent, therefore, ambassadors to Antony, with offers of entering into a confederate war against Phraates. And Antony, full of hopes at being thus asked, as a favor, to accept that one thing, horse and archers, the want of which had hindered his beating the Parthians before, began at once to prepare for a return to Armenia, there to join the Medes on the Araxes, and begin the war afresh.

Note 1: king of Media = Artavasdes I

Event: Antony invades Parthia

Horse:a. the animal. b. cavalry.