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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Vitellius, Chapter 18: Death of Vitellius[AD 69]
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He [Note 1] met his death, along with his brother [Note 2] and his son [Note 3], in the fifty-seventh year of his age, fulfilling the prediction of those who had declared from an omen which befell him at Vienna, as we have stated that he was destined to fall into the power of some man of Gaul. For he was slain by Antonius Primus, a leader of the opposing faction, who was born at Tolosa and in his youth bore the surname Becco, which means a rooster's beak ["Gallus" means "a cock," as well as "a Gaul."].

Note 1: he = Vitellius
Note 2: brother = Lucius Vitellius
Note 3: son = Germanicus