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List of used abbreviations:
Tacitus' Agricola.
Tacitus' Annals.
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar
Tacitus' Germania.
The Goths, by Jordanes.
Histories, by Tacitus.
History of Rome, by Livy.
Mispogon by Julian
New Testament.
Metamorphosis by Ovid.
Parallel lives by Plutarch.
Suetonius 12 Caesars
Virgil Aeneid.
Ann Book I Chapter 8: The death of Augustus (cont.)
Ann Book I Chapter 75: At the Praetor's tribunal
Ann Book II Chapter 13: War with the Germans. At night.
Ann Book II Chapter 37: Poor Hortalus.
Ann Book II Chapter 38: Hortalus gets money.
Ann Book II Chapter 42: Tiberius and Archelaus.
Ann Book II Chapter 47: Earthquake in Asia.
Ann Book II Chapter 86: A new Vestal Virgin.
Ann Book II Chapter 87: On corn prices.
Ann Book III Chapter 17: The process against Piso. His family
Ann Book IV Chapter 16: Appointment of a priest
Ann Book IV Chapter 63: Fire to Mount Caelius
Ann Book VI Chapter 17: Lending money and usury (cont.)
Ann Book VI Chapter 45: Fire in Rome
Ann Book XI Chapter 4: The Petra brothers
Ann Book XI Chapter 5: Paying lawyers
Ann Book XI Chapter 7: Paying lawyers (cont.)
Ann Book XII Chapter 22: Exile for Lollia
Ann Book XII Chapter 53: No union with slaves
Ann Book XII Chapter 58: Marriage of Nero and Octavia
Ann Book XIII Chapter 31: More decisions
Ann Book XIII Chapter 34: War between Armenia/Rome and Iberia/Parthia (cont.)
Ann Book XIII Chapter 42: Suilius against Seneca
Ann Book XV Chapter 18: Corn into the Tiber
Ann Book XV Chapter 39: Fire in Rome. Nero sings
Ann Book XV Chapter 72: The conspiracy of Piso. Nymphidius
Ann Book XVI Chapter 33: Death of Thrasea Paetus and Soranus
His Book I Chapter 20: Money
His Book I Chapter 24: Revolt of Otho. Bribery
His Book I Chapter 66: Revolt of Vitellius. Vienna
His Book I Chapter 82: Revolt of Vitellius. Otho restrains the 7th cohort
His Book II Chapter 95: Revolt of Vespasian. Vitellius' birthday
His Book IV Chapter 42: Complot against Crassus and Orfitus
His Book IV Chapter 47: Decisions
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 9: A triumph for Nero and Livius
Stn Augustus, Chapter 30: The internal affairs of Rome
Stn Augustus, Chapter 40: Further legislation.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 41: Further legislation.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 46: The population of Rome.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 71: Girls and gaming.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 101: His last will.
Stn Caligula, Chapter 16: Caligula as a good emperor (cont.)
Stn Caligula, Chapter 17: Caligula as a good emperor (cont.)
Stn Caligula, Chapter 37: Caligula as a monster (Cont.)
Stn Caligula, Chapter 38: Caligula collects money.
Stn Caligula, Chapter 39: Caligula collects money (Cont.)
Stn Caligula, Chapter 44: Military affairs of Caligula (Cont.)
Stn Caligula, Chapter 55: Caligula and the circus.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 4: Augustus on Claudius.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 6: Public respect.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 9: During Caligula's reign (cont.)
Stn Claudius, Chapter 10: Death of Caligula
Stn Domitian, Chapter 4: Entertainment
Stn Domitian, Chapter 7: His administration
Stn Galba, Chapter 5: Galba as husband and heir
Stn Galba, Chapter 8: Honours
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 25: The Gallic War. Survey.
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 26: Problems with the Senate
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 33: Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon (cont.)
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 38: The Civil war. Rewards
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 39: Entertainments
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 50: Affairs with women.
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 54: Integrity.
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 83: The funeral of Julius Caesar.
Stn Nero, Chapter 10: His first actions (cont.)
Stn Nero, Chapter 17: On justice
Stn Nero, Chapter 20: Nero as an artist
Stn Nero, Chapter 21: Nero as an artist (cont.)
Stn Nero, Chapter 27: His vices
Stn Nero, Chapter 30: Squandering money
Stn Nero, Chapter 50: His funeral
Stn Otho, Chapter 5: Revolt of Otho
Stn Otho, Chapter 7: Revolt of Otho
Stn Tiberius Chapter 7: Tiberius as a young man
Stn Tiberius Chapter 20: A triumph for Tiberius
Stn Tiberius Chapter 34: His frugality.
Stn Tiberius Chapter 42: Vices of Tiberius.
Stn Tiberius Chapter 46: His frugality.
Stn Tiberius Chapter 48: His frugality (cont.)
Stn Vespasian, Chapter 4: In the army
Stn Vespasian, Chapter 17: His generosity
Stn Vespasian, Chapter 18: Arts and culture
Stn Vespasian, Chapter 19: Entertainment
Stn Vespasian, Chapter 22: His use of language
Stn Vitellius, Chapter 7: To Germany
Stn Vitellius, Chapter 13: Luxury
Stn Vitellius, Chapter 15: Revolt of Vespasian