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List of used abbreviations:
Tacitus' Agricola.
Tacitus' Annals.
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar
Tacitus' Germania.
The Goths, by Jordanes.
Histories, by Tacitus.
History of Rome, by Livy.
Mispogon by Julian
New Testament.
Metamorphosis by Ovid.
Parallel lives by Plutarch.
Suetonius 12 Caesars
Virgil Aeneid.
Ann Book II Chapter 87: On corn prices.
Ann Book XII Chapter 37: Problems in Britain. Caractacus (cont.)
Ger Chapter 20: The family
Ger Chapter 25: Slaves
Gth Chapter 33: The Vandals.
Gth Chapter 34: Theodorid and Litorius.
Gth Chapter 36: Battle of the Catalaunic Fields. Preliminaries.
Gth Chapter 40: Battle of the Catalaunic Fields. Death of Theodorid.
Gth Chapter 43: Huns against Visigoths.
Gth Chapter 44: Visigoths against Suavi.
Gth Chapter 48: The Ostrogoths (1).
Gth Chapter 49: The death of Attila.
His Book III Chapter 68: Vitellius versus Antonius Primus. Vitellius gives up (cont.)
Nwt First letter of Peter Chapter 3
Nwt Acts chapter 25
Nwt Letter of Paul to the Galathians Chapter 4
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 15.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 12.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 14.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 16.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 20.
Nwt Gospel of Mark Chapter 12.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 10.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 20.
Ovd Ovid XIV Chapter 19: 805-828 The deification of Romulus
Plt Antony Chapter 77: Antony is brought to Cleopatra
Plt Pompey Chapter 30: Pompey appointed commander against Mithridates
Plt Pompey Chapter 49: Problems with Clodius
Stn Augustus, Chapter 53: His modesty.
Stn Caligula, Chapter 22: The Divine Caligula.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 37: Fear and distrust (cont.)
Stn Domitian, Chapter 13: Master and God
Stn Galba, Chapter 9: Galba as governor
Stn Tiberius Chapter 27: A modest start (cont.)
Vrg Book I Chapter 22: Venus tells Aeneas about Dido's life
Vrg Book I Chapter 38: After the feast
Vrg Book II Chapter 14: Panthus reports
Vrg Book II Chapter 21: Priam arms himself
Vrg Book II Chapter 22: Death of Priam
Vrg Book III Chapter 13: Andromache visited
Vrg Book V Chapter 33: Morpheus speaks to Palinurus
Vrg Book VI Chapter 14: Charon
Vrg Book VI Chapter 20: Deiphobus
Vrg Book VII Chapter 6: Explanation of the omens
Vrg Book VII Chapter 17: Amata organizes a Bacchanic frenzy
Vrg Book VII Chapter 28: The Army of Turnus: Aventinus
Vrg Book VIII Chapter 1: Envoy to Diomede
Vrg Book VIII Chapter 16: Venus asks a shield for Aeneas
Vrg Book VIII Chapter 19: The next morning
Vrg Book X Chapter 16: Pallas encourages his countrymen
Vrg Book X Chapter 17: Assault of Pallas
Vrg Book X Chapter 35: Death of Mezentius
Vrg Book XI Chapter 9: Council of Latinus
Vrg Book XI Chapter 10: Diomedes does not want to fight
Vrg Book XI Chapter 17: Laurentum threatened
Vrg Book XII Chapter 2: Latinus wants to stop him
Vrg Book XII Chapter 9: Prayer of Aeneas
Vrg Book XII Chapter 13: The fight is renewed
Vrg Book XII Chapter 21: Further killing

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