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Test your faith.

"Know thyself", was an old Greek wisdom.
But whatever the advantages of wisdom are, it is certainly not the shortest way to happiness. Who wants to be happy has to cheat a little bit on himself, and others a well, because it is easier to be happy when the people around you are happy.
Politeness is a form of this cheating. Who does not praise the new car of his neighbours, the hair-dress of his wife and the rpesents of his in-laws more than honestly would require. And others do the same, except children in their puberty. And nothing is wrong with it.

So politeness is an innocent form of cheating. But in more important issues whe cheat to ourselves. Mostly that is not to bas, consistency does not necassary make one happy.
However, sometimes consistency is necessary, if only for other people.
Slave-traders saw themselves usually as good Christians. It would have been better if they had given more thought to this subject.

In this test I collected a few questions that deal with the consistencey of where you believe in. Are you interested, then fill in the form.
When asked whether you considere something to be true, the word true is used as in everyday's life. Not is a "higher" sense, as it is sometimes used in philosophy and theology.

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