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Short history of Egypt in Roman times

For our purpose four era's can be distinguished: a. Egypt as a world power
War of Vesosis and Tanausis
b. Egypt as a part of the Persian empire c. Egypt under Macedonian reign
After the death of Alexander the Great Ptolemy I Soter became the new ruler of Egypt.
Cleopatra I
Cleopatra II
Cleopatra III
Cleopatra IV
Cleopatra V
Cleopatra VI
Ptolemy II Philadelphius
Ptolemy III Euergetes
Ptolemy IV Philopater
Ptolemy V Epiphanes
Ptolemy VI Philometor
Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator
Ptolemy VIII Euergetes
Ptolemy IX Soter II Lathyrus
Ptolemy X Alexander I
Ptolemy XI Alexander II
Ptolemy XII Auletes
Ptolemy XIII
Ptolemy XIV
d. Egypt under Roman reign
In 44? BC Julius Caesar lands near Alexandria. He appoints Cleopatra VII as the queen of Egypt, and they become lovers.
In 31 BC battle of Actium between Mark Antony and Augustus
In 38 AD the Jewish king Herod Agrippa visits Alexandria and is received very unkind.

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