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Short history of Gaul, the central part of contemporary France

In 110 Cimbri and Teutones invaded Gaul.
It was conquered by Caesar, which he describes in De Bello Gallico
Some tribes mentioned:
Veneti, Senones, Parisii, Sequani, Bituriges, Averni, and Sequani.
Some persons involved:
Divitiacus, Dumnorix, Vercingetorix
March of the Helvetii (58 BC)
The Gallic War (58-57 BC)
Caesar against Ariovistus (58 BC)
War with the Belgae (57 BC)
Crassus reaches the Atlantic (57 BC)
Galba in Octodorus. (57 BC)
War with the Veneti (56 BC)
Sabinus against Viridovix (56 BC)
Crassus in Aquitania (56 BC)
Caesar with the Morini and the Menapii (56 BC)
War with the Germans (55 BC)
Problems with the Morini (55 BC)
The Treveri (54 BC)
Revolt of the Gauls.(54 - 53 BC)
Caesar and Vercingetorix (52 BC)

In the 4th and the 5th century many peoples invaded Gaul, and some of them left it again.
The Franks and Burgundians stayed.
People involved:
Serranus serving Rome, came from Gaul.
Clovis was king of the Franks, and became a Christian (496).
Christians of Gaul:
Denis, Mariccus Remi, Orientius