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Short history of the Jews in Roman times.

We start the history after the death of Alexander the Great
It will be subdivided in:

- Judea part of Egypt or Seleucia
Until 200 BC Judea was a part of Egypt, then it became a part of Seleucia.
Persons involved:
Judas Maccabaeus
Simon Maccabaeus
The start of the Maccabee rebellion (167-164 BC)
Death of Jonathan Maccabaeus (143 BC)
Peace of Simon Maccabaeus and Demetrius (142 BC)

- the independent kingdom of Judea
Persons involved:
John Hyrcanus I
Alexander Jannaeus(103-76 BC)
Salome Alexandra(76-67 BC)
Aristobulus I(104-103 BC)
Aristobulus II(67-63 BC)
Aristobulus III(35 BC)
War of Alexander Jannaeus and Demetrius II (88 BC)
Battle of Sichem (88 BC)
Reign of Alexandra Salome (76-67 BC)
The conflict between Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II (65 BC)

- Judea as a part of the Roman empire until 70 AD
In 38 BC Herod the Great was appointed as king of Judea.
After his death his empire was divided among three sons:
Archelaus who got Judea,
Herod Antipas who got Galilee, and was married to Herodias, the mother of Salome
and Philip, who got Iturea.
Archelaus did not reign well, and was replaced by prefects, e.g. Pilate. In 38 Herod Agrippa I became king again, but after his death in 44 prefects were appointed again. e.g. Felix (saw in 52 the start of a rebellion) and Festus married to Drusilla
In 66 AD the First Jewish-Roman War started. First Vespasian lead the Roman armies, but in 70 he became emperor and his son Titus finished the war by conquering and destroying Jerusalem.
The annexation of Judaea by Rome (63 BC)
The rebellion of Hizkia (47 BC)
Invasion of Partia in Syria (40-38 BC)
Herod builds the Second temple
Uprise of Judas of Galilee (6 AD)
Pilate's start in Judea as a procurator (26 AD)
Pilate wants part of the Temple tax (28? AD)
Herod Antipas and Aretas (36 AD)
Pilate and the massacre of Tirathana (36 AD)
Mocking of Agrippa I in Alexandria (38 AD)
The conflict between Caligula and the Jews (41 AD)
Flavius Josephus saves three crucified persons

- Judea after 70 AD
Second Jewish-Roman War(132-135 AD)

- The Jewish religion
Religious Leaders
Johanan ben Zakkai
Philo of Alexandria
Life and death of Honi the Circle Drawer (65 BC)
The life of Hanina ben Dosa
The translation of the Old Testament into Greek (Septuagint)
Dead Sea scrolls