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Short history of the Vandals

The Vandals were a Germanic people migrating into the Roman empire in the second half of the third century AD.
The Vandals consisted of two different tribes: the Siling Vandals and the Asding Vandals.

282:The Vandals defeated by Probus
291:The Vandals defeated by Diocletian
400:The Vandal Stilicho becomes Magister Militum under Honorius.
406:The Vandals sack Trier.
408:Stilicho murdered.
409:The Vandals move to Spain.
415-18:War with the Visigoths.
428:War with the Franks. King Gunderic is killed.
429:Lead by king Geiserik the Vandals go to Mauretania
430-439: The Vandals conquer the Western parts of North-Africa,
including Hippo Regius the town of Augustinus
Further Vandals: Hunerich, Thrasamund.
Romans involved: Honorius
Third Sack of Rome(455)

Early Vandal (II/66) (200-442 AD)
Successors of Rome: Germania 395-774
Newton Chapter 6: the Ten Horns