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  • Cath.Encycl.:
  • Cath.Encycl.: Joseph Caiphas
  • Cath.Encycl.: Lazarus
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. Lazarus of Bethany
  • Cath.Encycl.: Gospel of Saint Luke
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. Martha
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. Mary Magdalen
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. Thomas the Apostle
  • Judea: Maria Magdalena
  • Judea: Mary Magdalene
  • Unorth.views: Jesus - The Mission Begins
  • Unorth.views: HISTORY AND MYTH
  • Unorth.views: Jesus in Jerusalem.
  • Unorth.views: The Gospel of John
  • Unorth.views: Magdalene
  • Unorth.views: The Gospel According to Mark
  • Unorth.views: The resurrection. Preparation for burial or rescue
  • Unorth.views: Surprising works. Traditions of Galilean holy men.
  • Unorth.views: The last supper.
  • Unorth.views: Writing the New testament. The Jesus tradition.
  • Wikipedia: Lazarus