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Appius Claudius, he said, alone was outside the laws, outside all the bonds that held states or even human society together. Let men cast their eyes on that tribunal, the fortress of all villainies, where that perpetual decemvir, surrounded by hangmen not lictors, in contempt of gods and men alike, wreaked his vengeance on the goods, the backs, and the lives of the citizens, threatening all indiscriminately with the rods and axes, and then when his mind was diverted from rapine and murder to lust, tore a free-born maiden from her father's arms before the eyes of Rome, and gave her to a client, the minister of his intrigues -- that tribunal where by cruel decree and infamous judgment he armed the father's hand against the daughter, where he ordered those who took up the maiden's lifeless body -- her betrothed lover and her grandfather -- to be thrown into prison, moved less by her death than by the check to his criminal gratification.
Quote by Verginius
Book III Chapter 57: The case of Appius Claudius (Cont.)

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